The 2019 Kinder year has startes off at our new building on 27 Liege Avenue. Building is onConcept1 the grounds of the primary school.

Enrolments are open for next year

For 3 year old kindergarten,fill in the this form
Bring the form to the current location of the kinder at 27 Liege Avenue in Noble Park, mail it or email to: yarraman.cc@kindergarten.vic.com.au.

If there are any other enquiries contact the centre on 9792 1627.
For 4 year old kindergarten fill in this form
This form needs to be returned to the Dandenong City Council,instructions are on the form.

Building in progress

Yarraman OPSK 1 Yarraman OPSK 2 Yarraman OPSK

What we offer

Yarraman Centre Kindergarten offers three year old and four year old kindergarten. Our degree qualified early childhood teachers provide excellent programmes in both categories.tree-welcome


We believe in the value to provide a natural environment that is warm, caring and nurturing and promotes safety and security.

We believe that children are individuals with individual needs and desires.

We recognise the importance of parent participation and the value of translating the family/home environment into the service. Therefore we encourage the contribution of family and our community.

We believe that the way children interact with the world is through PLAY. Play is the most important tool a child has in their development and understanding of themselves, others and the ever changing world around them. Important elements for facilitating learning through play are:chickens

  • Interaction with adults which is either active or passive in response to individual needs
  • Interaction with other children
  • Interaction with the natural environment e.g. sand, water, mud, sticks and leaves
  • Stimulating experiences within an environment that invites exploration and participation

We believe that all parents, staff and children should be treated as equals and with respect regardless of culture, gender, family structure or additional needs.

We believe in the importance of fostering and encouraging respect and care for the environment and the world we live in.